Ableism and Racism: Barriers in the Labour Market

Marianne Pieper, Jamal Haji Mohammadi


Despite the existence of legal instruments designed to protect against discrimination, people with disabilities and with a migrant background nonetheless experience significant barriers in the labour market. As a qualitative study conducted in Hamburg shows, discrimination in the labour market of a Germany embarked on a neoliberal course, rather than working through absolute exclusion, works instead through forms of “limited inclusion”. This paper discusses the extent to which, in this context, ableism and racism act as “bio-political caesuras” (Foucault 2003), although not recognisable as such, since they appear as individualised questions of efficiency, competence, motivation, and the willingness to integrate and thus become the responsibility of those affected.


Ableism, racism, biopolitical caesuras, neoliberal responsibility, Limited inclusion, micro politics, agencement, labour market.

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