Slope : Audio

  • Sara Hendren



In this three-minute sound collage, Hendren is engaging new possibilities for the “alt text” for an image. In its typical form, this is a prose description that usually provides alternate access to digital spaces online for non-sighted users. But Hendren is also attempting to push the sensory estrangement that is the heart of the project: an invitation to experience this ubiquitous material structure again, but without only ‘visioning’ it by the material design and its juxtaposition in images online.

Author Biography

Sara Hendren

Sara Hendren is an artist, researcher, and writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She makes material art works and writes about adaptive technologies and prosthetics, critical design, the medicalized and biopolitical body, and cultural representations of disability and health. In 2012-13, she completed research in the program on Art, Design, and the Public Domain at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she was also a research fellow at the MetaLAB at Harvard. Projects at various stages include: an investigation of the inclined plane, one of Galileo's "simple machines," cardboard carpentry, personal genomics, and prosthetics for invisible conditions. She runs the Abler web site and is lecturing in fall 2013 at the Rhode Island School of Design.