Accessibility for Different Abilities: A Report


  • David Pererya aha! Accessibility Help and Advice Project Coordinator, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University



Inclusive Design, Accessibility, Inclusive Design Research Lab, disrupting/Undoing


Active participation is the foundation of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) where the Inclusive Design Research Lab (IDRLab) is located. The IDRC’s goal is to establish a relationship between users and designers driven by a symbiotic reciprocity. Ultimately, “A successful Participatory Inclusive Design Lab is one in which users not only believe, but also witness, that their contributions matter” (Treviranus, 2012). This goal requires a degree of social connection and an environment in which people care significantly about each other and what they are working to create. Supporting this concept is the social model of inclusion, based on respect for human rights that underscores the responsibility of IDRLab to create all possible conditions of full accessibility. This report describes how barriers to inclusion were removed to enable people with disabilities to participate in the IDRLab. 

Author Biography

David Pererya, aha! Accessibility Help and Advice Project Coordinator, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

Dr. Pereyra's academic focus centres on interdisciplinary aspects of our multicultural society, as expressed through art, music, film, worship, multimedia, technology and sacred spaces. He is particularly interested in ritual spaces as iconic points of reference that provide unique meanings to the collective memory of a culture, and how creative experiences of transmitting information and communication can reach users and vice-versa. His Latin American, European and North American multi-cultural background greatly enrich his experience of the world and his scholarly work. Dr. Pereya organizes collaboration and community engagement of over 90 collaborating research organizations at the IDI, including managing the events and exhibits at the OCAD University Open Gallery at 49 McCaul Street in Toronto.

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Pererya, D. (2016). Accessibility for Different Abilities: A Report. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 5(1), 158–182.