"Healthy Sexuality": Fucking with Notions of Disability (In)Justice

Exploring BDSM, Sexuality, Consent, and Canadian Law

  • Cara E. Goldberg Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies, York University


A progression towards the non-tokenistic inclusion of people with disabilities (PWD) in society, and of PWD’s needs in legal processes, necessarily entails acknowledging and respecting disability-informed approaches to sensual and sexual experience, expression, and connection.

Author Biography

Cara E. Goldberg, Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies, York University

Cara Goldberg is an interdisciplinary doctoral student in the Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies department at York University, from which she also holds a MA in Critical Disability Studies. Her research focuses on the complexities of negotiating not-so-obvious disabilities/impairments in both sexual and non-sexual contexts. Her previous work has been published in Critical Disability Discourses.