Resistance is Resilience


  • Kevin Healey Health Promoter Toronto, ON



Breathing, surviving, living, finding and forging our own meaning, acting in our own lives, finding our way to live through each day is survival, is resistance, is resilience, is re-whatever you want it to be because it is yours.

And, with every act of resisting, we become more resilient and, in time, and we find ourselves connecting with others similarly engaged: struggling, learning and sharing experiences with each other as equals.  So, our individual resistance-resilience becomes, naturally, organically, messily, something of a collective survival too.

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Kevin Healey, Health Promoter Toronto, ON

Health Promoter

Toronto, ON



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Healey, K. (2019). Resistance is Resilience. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 8(4), 84–98.