Eulogizing Ebenezer Scrooge


  • Adam Pottle University of Alberta



Master Tim Cratchit sits at his father’s desk, his cane leaning against the wall, the office door closed and locked against solemnity.

Pencil in hand, he scrutinizes his eulogy for Mr. Scrooge, lately passed...


Author Biography

Adam Pottle, University of Alberta

Adam Pottle is an author whose work focuses on disability. His first book, a volume of poetry entitled Beautiful Mutants, was released in April 2011, and he is currently at work on a novel and a play. He is also an English PhD candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, where he researches how persons with disabilities are portrayed in contemporary Canadian literature. He lives in Saskatoon.

How to Cite

Pottle, A. (2012). Eulogizing Ebenezer Scrooge. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 1(1), 171–174.



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