Vol. 1 No. 1 (2012)

What is Canadian Disability Studies?

This inaugural issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies gathers articles that respond to the following questions:

Does Disability Studies have a Canadian perspective?  What is unique about Canadian views, methods, and approaches to the field?  Conversely, why does Canada need Disability Studies – in the academy, in policy, in advocacy, in activism?  What are the key works in Canadian Disability Studies scholarship? What are the future directions for this field? What are the spatial, social, cultural, political and economic contexts of Canadian Disability Studies? How is Canadian Disability Studies, a field that defines geographical and disciplinary limits, also an international and multidisciplinary endeavor?  Conversely, how is Canadian Disability Studies conceptualized and received internationally as uniquely Canadian in content and perspective?

Published: 2012-01-31