That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It

  • Cindy Scott
  • Jen Rinaldi UOIT
Keywords: Oral history, institutionalization, scrapbooking, arts-informed methods, trauma


Cindy Scott is a proud lesbian woman and a survivor of the Huronia Regional Centre (HRC), an institution that housed persons diagnosed with intellectual disabilities 1876-2009. She is known for her work in Orillia, Ontario speaking about institutionalization and on behalf of residents who died and were buried in the cemetery on HRC grounds. For the past four years, Cindy has been a co-researcher working with Recounting Huronia: a collective of researchers, artists, and survivors using arts-based and storytelling methods to return to and preserve lived memories of the HRC. The research team often operated in pairs, in monthly workshops that used scrapbooking, poetry, cabaret performance, and other arts-based methods to articulate traumatic memories. The stories told here came from workshop exchanges between Cindy and fellow Recounting Huronia member Jen Rinaldi, and are anchored in scrapbook entries they developed together in Recounting Huronia workshops. Cindy retold these stories for Jen to transcribe, and Jen has provided some context via footnotes. 

Oral Histories