Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies publishes peer-reviewed original articles that advance research in the multidisciplinary, international field of disability studies.

All content is totally open access. The CJDS never charges any processing or publication fees, and is free and open to the public. This ensures that scholarship in the CJDS reaches the broadest possible audience, with no barriers for authors, institutions, or readers. The journal also advocates for Open Accessibility, ensuring that all content is fully accessible.

The journal embraces a wide range of methodologies and perspectives, values collaborative and cross-disciplinary work, community partnership, and creative approaches to scholarship.

Research in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies will be of interest to scholars and students from across all academic disciplines, as well as anyone involved in disability arts, advocacy, community organization or policy.  The journal foregrounds a critical disability studies perspective, committed to disability rights.

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Call For Proposals: Handicap et Cultures Francophones

Numéro spécial de la Revue canadienne des études sur l’incapacité axé sur les personnes en situation de handicap dans le contexte culturel francophone.  
Posted: 2014-11-20 More...

Call For Proposals: Disability and Francophone Cultures

This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies will focus on disability within Francophone cultural contexts.  
Posted: 2014-11-20 More...

Call For Proposals: “Law, Religion and Disability”


Call for proposals for a Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies.

Posted: 2014-09-10 More...
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Vol 3, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Living and Working Precariously with an Episodic Disability: Barriers in the Canadian Context PDF HTML
Andrea Vick 1-28
“Swept to the sidelines and forgotten“: Cultural Exclusion, Blind Persons’ Participation, and International Film Festivals PDF HTML
Isabel Pedersen, Kristen Aspevig 29-52
Disability and Social Work Education in the United Kingdom PDF HTML
MacDonald Judy, Irene Carter, Roy Hanes, Suzanne McMurphy, Stephanie Skinner 53-82
Access to traumatic spinal cord injury care in Saskatchewan, Canada: A qualitative study on community healthcare provider perspectives PDF HTML
Katherine Knox, Noelle Rohatinsky, Marla Rogers, Donna Goodridge, Gary Linassi 83-103
Resisting Disability, Claiming HIV: Introducing the Ability Contract and Conceptualizations of Liberal Citizenship PDF HTML
Ally Day 104-121


Review of Facing Eugenics by Erika Dyck PDF HTML
Jen Rinaldi 123-128
Review of Becoming Women by Carla Rice PDF HTML
Kaley Roosen 129-136
Review of Disability Incarcerated PDF HTML
Bonnie Burstow 137-143